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Aman Gati Hotel Sumbawa – Photo Surfing

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Aman Gati Hotel Bali – Photo Surfing

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Sumbawa Island

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Sumbawa Island

is located at the eastern part of Lombok Island and consist of five regencies : West Sumbawa, Sumbawa, Dompu, Bima and Bima City (Municipality). Sumbawa Island offer some wonderful natural forest, archeological site, agriculture scenery, and a coastline of numerous pristine beach, waters surfing adventure fishing, sailing and under sea wonder explore.

Sumbawa Region

Lakey Peak SumbawaSumbawa Island has extensive forest areas in the mountainous south – west while at the eastern part has Jati Trees or Teak plantation, intermittently laced with nice forest stretch and monkeys population. Mount Tambora is a significant feature of Sumbawa Island. In fact, Mt. Tambora erupted on 1815 was one of the most dramatic in the world’s history. Sumbawa’s other active volcano Mt. Sangeang, is isolated island which erupted last in 1985 forcing the evacuation of the island’s inhabitant. On a map, the outline of the island is contorted by capes, peninsulas and deeply cut bays.
The rich volcanic soil the rivers valleys such as near Bima, Dompu and Sape, yield rich crop. How ever the extensive dry land areas found particularly in Sumbawa Regency provide good amazing land for cattle, goats and horses. Specious of plants can be found in the forest are Kesambi, Bungur, Sonokeling, Mahagony, Teak, Kelicung, Pala, Ipil, bamboo, Tutul and Etc.

In Sumbawa Island there are several type of animals spread out over the area according to climate and natural conditions. Wild animals can be found in Sumbawa area are : Monkeys, wild pig, small deer, deer, iguanas, porcupines, turtles, and many kind of poisonous snacks. Bird spacious can be found including : pring, parrots, bering, koak kaok, punglor, cucak rawa.

The most significant tourism and recreational activities in Sumbawa Island found in the southern coastal area : Surfing, followed by surfers from Australia, America, Japan, Brazil and regular visitor.

” Lakey Is My Way”

Bima Nusa Tenggara

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Bima Eastern Side Sumbawa

Is situated on the Eastern side of Sumbawa and is actually more frequented by travellers than the capital Sumbawa Besar. The reason behind this is that Bima is much better located for those wanting to head to Lakey near Dompu for the surf or for those daring to venture on the islands of Komodo and Rinca. During the dry season, (April – November) Bima and the rest of the Sumbawan landscape transforms from a lush green jungle island to a very hot, arid and dusty place.

sumbawa beach
Most people arrive in Bima by  Wing Air  have four flights a week flying from Denpassar and Mataram in Lombok. The airport is around a 30-minute taxi ride from the city and you will pass by some typical forms of transportation that Sumbawans generally use. The most common form here is the horse and cart. To see an abundance of horses and carts transporting people and goods around town will almost make you believe you have walked into a Charles Dickens novel.

Bima is a busy place in comparison to the rest of Sumbawa as there is a busy seaport harbouring ships of many sizes and shapes. It is a good idea if you have the time, to pay the port a visit. You will surely meet some colourful characters that will undoubtedly ask you a few questions in their best English. The seaport of Bima transports a lot of produce to Java and you can expect to come across water buffalo, cows and goats all waiting to board the ships. It really is a colourful place awash with activity.

” Lakey Is My Way”

About Bali Island

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aman gati hotel bali

Overview of Bali

What can be said of Bali that hasn’t already been said, perfect waves, perfect girls, amazing nightlife, horrible over development, bintang, Ullus, kuta reef, canggu, dream land, dream land destroyed, hindu offerings, rice paddy’s, stone carvings, hawkers, smiles, bad fake tattoos and braided hair, nasi goreng, paddy’s, poppies 2, bemo’s, crazy motor bikes, hotels, westerners going crazy, blue bird taxi’s, cheap t-shirts, cheap cd’s and dvds..yeah you get the picture….but somehow its still an amazing place with a charm of it’s own.

Bali Waves

with how crowded Bali can get these days it can be easy to write Bali off, but when you actually think about Bali and the waves that it does have, the variety, consistency and the quality it really is quite an amazing place, if this was some remote Island in the middle of nowhere undiscovered by the masses, then im sure Bali would challenge the mentawai’s as the big thing, think about it perfect lefts lined up point after point offshore for half the year and then rights lined up all over the place offshore for the rest of the year, then throw in a mix of fun beachies and volcanic reef bottom breaks, no where in the world has that mix of quantity and quality in one area (even the mentawai’s)

Crowd wise

without a doubt some of the most crowded waves in Indonesia, but that said if your really lucky or think a little different you can often score less crowded, perhaps less perfect but fun waves.

Kuta reef

Said to be the first reef break surfed in Indo, and still a great wave offers everything from barrels to wakable walls, great introduction to Indo.

Kuta/Legian beachies

Fun beachies, can often be average closeouts, but can also get really good banks with high quality waves.

Airport lefts and rights

two reefs break near the end of the airport runway, the lefts are short, and the rights need a very solid swell, but when on can be a high quality long right, but is also very fickle.

Balangan Beach

A little bit more fickle than other waves needing a solid swell, the right tide and swell to line up, but can get fun long lefts.

Dream land

Once a beautiful semi secret beach now an example of development gone very wrong, very sad, waves are average left and rights sand over reef.


Not very long but an absolutely perfect wave in every sense a barrel machine unfortunately doesn’t hold a crowd and if you think paddling out while still dark early morning will get you a few uncrowded waves then sadly more often than not you will be disappointed.


When small this can be a very frustrating wave looking perfect from the cliffs, when bigger its more make able, with some very long waves.

Padang padang

Although it needs a solid swell to start breaking, Padang Padang is like the pipeline of Bali, a solid very hollow left breaking off a shallow coral reef shelf, this wave is for experts only, for the rest of us it’s a great spot when on to watch some of the best surfers in the world get solid pits, including some very talented Bali surfers.


The most famous wave on Bali and the place that really started the buzz in surfing circles in the early 70’s, Ullus is a world class left made up of many different sections, out the back is the sucky lefts of Temples, out from the cave the popular short left called the Peak, and further down the reef the real gem racetracks a fast hollow left, on big swells an outer reef comes into play called outside corner one of indonesia’s true big wave spots, of note Ullus also picks up lots of swell and is offshore in SE trades a very consistent wave.

Canggu- right sand lefts over a volcanic rock and sand bottom, a very popular early morning spot and a high performance wave.


Similar in some ways tocanggu without the quality, left and rights, picks up lots of swell.


very long, mellow cobble stone lined left point, perfect for malibu’s and surfers seeking a mellow get away.