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Aman Gati Hotel Balangan Bali – The Surf

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Speaking of Bali Island certainly not far from the charms of the beautiful beaches. One of the beaches that can be said exotic Balangan Beach in Uluwatu.

Balangan Beach Bali

Balangan Beach may not be as famous as Dreamland, jimbaran, pandawa beach or kuta beach, but this beach is not less cool and terrible panorama in the offer. Being in a row of famed panati beach in Bali is jimbaran, dreamland but still not so touchable.

Balangan Beach Location

Its location is also not too difficult to reach, located in Bukit Ungasan. If from kuta stay take Jimbaran direction to GWK, go straight later about ± 2 km from GWK, will meet the red light crossroads. If you turn left to Pandawa Beach then take a right turn into the street palanquin is smooth asphalt winding typical roads in bali.Pantai Balangan the atmosphere is still quiet, clean and can be said there is no garbage. And there are some stalls selling food and drink.

Paradise for surfers and pree-wedding

This beach is perfect for you who like sunbathing or just playing the waves. For surfers, many say that this beach is one of the ideal locations.
High waves, strong currents, and long waves, make many world-class professional surfers who often spend their time here. Some international surfing competitions, such as the Asian Surfing Championship, have also been held on this beach.
Almost no resemblance to Dreamland Beach, Balangan Beach is also covered by cliffs and must descend some steps to reach the shore. And also there are some temples as a place of worship of Hindus ditebing near the beach.
The beauty of panorama Balangan Beach also makes it often used as a location for prospective brides to pre-wedding photo session

This place is also a haven for swafoto fans (selfie). You can climb to the cliff to get beautiful photos to show off to colleagues. But caution is necessary because the road is steep.