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sumbawa Lakey Pipe Surf Spots

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Lakey Peak Surf Forecast  – Sumbawa Surf Spots

Sumbawa travel destination surf Lakey Pipe trip Sumbawa is on either side of ‘The peak’ a popular wave amongst the body boarders. This wave ducks and weaves towards a hollowing section. It is surfable from 2 – 6 foot. Although Best up to 5 feet and at mid tide
Cobblestones is another popular wave within walking distance of the hotel.

Just 400 meters to the south is Lakey Pipe, a gnarly reef with a fairly sedate take off, which then hits the shelf and throws out a solid backdoor barrel that leaves enough space to drive a small car through. Optimum at mid to high tide and double overhead, but the Pipe can also take it from tiny to triple.



Lakey peak Surf Report

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