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Sumbawa – Nungas Surf Guide

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 Nungas Surf Spots – Lakey Beach Sumbawa

Nungas – Under 8’ the wave breaks down into several sections of 50 meters or so, one or all may be surfable. But at 8’ the sections start to connect offering rides of 200 meters or more, with flat spots, hot-dog walls, full-on barrels all thrown into one ride. Best take-off spot is determined on an hourly basis. Can handle a crowd and swells as big as they come.

sumbawa surf

Nungas Surf Spots Sumbawa

Nungas can peel off like a mini version of G-land, grooming 200m long lefts with alternating shack and whack sections to play with. Many surfers get diverted on the long walk to Periscopes, opting for long ride, short walk. Nungas bends into a big calm bay, needing more size than the Peak and not too much S in the afternoon trades.