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Sumbawa Island

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Sumbawa Island

sumbawa beachSumbawa is an exotic island in the eastern part of Indonesia. The island is in a part of the West Nusa Tenggara Region. Sumbawa Island consists of several districts and cities namely, west Sumbawa regency, Sumbawa regency, Dompu district, Bima district, Sumbawa Besar city and city of Bima.
Sumbawa Island is located in the east of the island of Lombok, the island has a cultural exotic and charm of the typical coast of eastern Indonesia. From west to east pualu sumbawa lies a beauty that makes the eyes reluctant to blink at it. On the island of Sumbawa will give a lot of impression for the tourists who come to this pualu.

Sumbawa Point of Interest

Mount Tambora Sumbawa Until before erupting in April 1815, Mount Tambora on the Sanggar Peninsula, Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara, was asleep long. In addition to John Crawfurd’s notes in 1812, hardly any other source mentions this mountain activity before the eruption.
However, 10,000 residents in three kingdoms on the slopes of Tambora, Pekat, and Sanggar, did not realize that the mountain had been awakened. The very long period of Tambora eruption makes mountain activity unrecorded by local people.
From a recent geological analysis, Tambora is thought to have erupted from 740 and 3050 BC. The eruption in 1815 was considered the strongest. The strongest recorded in human history, but it could be the previous eruptions are also very strong, just not recorded.

Beach on the Island of Sumbawa

Kenawa Island Beach

Not far from the Port of Pototano, there is an uninhabited island of Kenawa Island. There, tourists can play on the beach and swim without any boisterous crowded life. Another sensation that can be felt is the adventure because without lighting and sleeping in a tent or roofed sky.

Moyo Island Beach

Arriving at Sumbawa, cross over to Moyo Island. Tourists can see the white sand along the west coast of Moyo and opposite the beach on the east side of the black sandy Moyo. Near Moyo Island, tourists can also snorkel at Takat Sagele which is located about 15-20 minutes.

 Maluk Beach

Maluk Beach is in a bay, located in Maluk Village, Jereweh, West Sumbawa. Maluk beach is flanked by two hills, namely Mantun Hill in the north and Bukit Balas in the south. Tourists can learn to surf, swim, sunbathe, play canoe, or just laze while playing sand on the beach.

 Rantung Beach

Rantung Beach is still located on the island of West Sumbawa. This famous beach has waves ready to roll the surfers. If you want to watch the surfers of the world who are surfing while relaxing, try to come to Rantung Beach.

Lawar Beach

Lawar Beach is a beach on the west coast of Sumbawa Island with towering hills. The distance is about 3-5 km from Rantung Beach. The sand beach is really clean and soft like powdered milk. Try to walk barefoot there to feel the smoothness.

Lakey Beach