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Sumbawa Island

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Sumbawa Island

is located at the eastern part of Lombok Island and consist of five regencies : West Sumbawa, Sumbawa, Dompu, Bima and Bima City (Municipality). Sumbawa Island offer some wonderful natural forest, archeological site, agriculture scenery, and a coastline of numerous pristine beach, waters surfing adventure fishing, sailing and under sea wonder explore.

Sumbawa Region

Lakey Peak SumbawaSumbawa Island has extensive forest areas in the mountainous south – west while at the eastern part has Jati Trees or Teak plantation, intermittently laced with nice forest stretch and monkeys population. Mount Tambora is a significant feature of Sumbawa Island. In fact, Mt. Tambora erupted on 1815 was one of the most dramatic in the world’s history. Sumbawa’s other active volcano Mt. Sangeang, is isolated island which erupted last in 1985 forcing the evacuation of the island’s inhabitant. On a map, the outline of the island is contorted by capes, peninsulas and deeply cut bays.
The rich volcanic soil the rivers valleys such as near Bima, Dompu and Sape, yield rich crop. How ever the extensive dry land areas found particularly in Sumbawa Regency provide good amazing land for cattle, goats and horses. Specious of plants can be found in the forest are Kesambi, Bungur, Sonokeling, Mahagony, Teak, Kelicung, Pala, Ipil, bamboo, Tutul and Etc.

In Sumbawa Island there are several type of animals spread out over the area according to climate and natural conditions. Wild animals can be found in Sumbawa area are : Monkeys, wild pig, small deer, deer, iguanas, porcupines, turtles, and many kind of poisonous snacks. Bird spacious can be found including : pring, parrots, bering, koak kaok, punglor, cucak rawa.

The most significant tourism and recreational activities in Sumbawa Island found in the southern coastal area : Surfing, followed by surfers from Australia, America, Japan, Brazil and regular visitor.

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