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Aman Gati Hotel Bali
Aman Gati Sumbawa
Aman Gati Hotel Sumbawa
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Sumbawa Surf Accommodation

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Aman Gati Sumbawa Surf Accommodation

sumbawa lakey peak surf

LAKEY PEAK (HUU BEACH – Nearest township is Dompu)
There are 5 world class surfing waves situated in the same bay directly in front of LAKEY BEACH
The main wave ‘The peak’ has a left and a right hand take off.

Deep in the Hu’u bay, where Native people once lived in harmony with nature, far enough from crowded for peace and relaxation, yet close enough for every convenience you’ll find The Aman Gati Hotel.
Located directly in front of the renowned Lakey Peak and short walk to Periscopes. and echoes the quite serenity that is Sumbawa.